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This is one of the most daunting things to a business, We have encountered lots of customers, who do not know what they want, they contact Website Design companies and get offered something that cost a fortune to display and maintain.


Anyone can design a website, Website companies use their own coding and when the owner comes to change or move their business, this becomes an issue. Either you dont have it explained that the design and coding remains the property of the company who designs it or the coding and pages are so complex that the average person would not understand.


ARC Managed Services offer to design your website on a well know design company named WIX.COM. Most individuals or companies can do this, but do you have the time to site and learn to tools and setting. We offer to build it around your requirement, we do not charge or ask for a deposit, Because you will work with us and if your not happy with the final design. Then you can just walk away.


We will give you a quote to design it, and after its completed, we will ask for payment. when payment is completed, then we hand you the site. We will show you how it works and what to do to edit and manage the site. However if you want us to manage and update, we will either take it on and charge an hourly cost, or you can setup a managed service of updates on a plan to suit yourself.


After this you can change the site to match your needs 



Most Designs start with maybe 10 pages this would be


More Advanced with shops and additional coding will be in the region of

£700.00 - £1000.00

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